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Month: February 2023

Oldest Republican Club South of the Capitol

Vinik-linked Tampa communications firm Catalyst directly involved in PSTA chief misleading PSTA board

via Tampa Bay Guardian – TBG_adminFebruary 4, 2023 A draft version of an email PSTA CEO Brad Miller was preparing to send to the PSTA board contained a damning admission which didn’t appear in the email that was ultimately sent to the board. The omission could be very damaging, both for Miller and for the…
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Inside joke? Addition of new bus stop for PSTA’s board chair Pat Gerard initiated on her 70th birthday

Via Tampa Bay Guardian TBG_adminFebruary 3, 2023 As we reported yesterday, PSTA executive Abishek Dayal logged an entry on Veterans Day 2019 claiming that a female passenger asked if “a stop could be added” on PSTA route 65 very near Gerard’s home. Route 65 goes straight to what was Gerard’s place of work at the…
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Term Limits – Pinellas County

February 9, 2021 A Countywide citizens Coalition, gathering under the banner of Friends of Pinellas County, Inc., a 501C4, is forming to force Term Limits on the Pinellas County Commissioners. A legal petition was filed by this group with the supervisor of elections last week and is officially approved for circulation. We all will be…
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PSTA moved bus stop closer to board chair Pat Gerard’s house after multiple careless driving tickets ended her driver’s license

Via: Tampa Bay Guardian – TBG_admin February 2, 2023 After a string of traffic citations and car crashes during a two year period, immediate past PSTA chair and former Pinellas County Commissioner Pat Gerard found herself without a driver’s license in 2019. A public records request shows that a few months after her final car…
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