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Term Limits – Pinellas County

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Term Limits – Pinellas County

February 9, 2021

A Countywide citizens Coalition, gathering under the banner of Friends of Pinellas County, Inc., a 501C4, is forming to force Term Limits on the Pinellas County Commissioners. A legal petition was filed by this group with the supervisor of elections last week and is officially approved for circulation. We all will be working to gather petitions countywide starting now! Once that is accomplished, a question on 8 years term limits will be placed on the countywide ballot in November for the citizens to vote upon.

These 7 career politicians who are running our county government have no term limits and need to be stopped as they are systematically ruining our lifestyle through their progressive agenda! You’ve seen the massive and numerous apartments going up paid by our tax dollars, the lane losses of our valuable roads, even more empty buses and gridlock congestion. Crime is rising. Our Pinellas Paradise is at risk. We need a natural end to these powerful positions through term limits to break the grip. We think 8 is enough years!

Let’s Go to the Pinellas County Commission Meeting!


Citizens to be Heard at Pinellas County Commission Meeting 2-7-22

BCC Chair (Commissioner Charlie Justice) Announces Receiving a Copy of Petition for Term Limits from the SOE
Barbara Haselden for Term Limits
A.W. Simpson aka “Cruncher,” Defend Florida Canvasser- Exposes Voting Fraud; Speaks for Term Limits
Ron Ogden for Term Limits
Patti Sidote for Term LImits and Voter Suppression
Vincent Nowicki for Term Limits
Stacy Geier for Term Limits, Penny for Pinellas Money for Promised Projects vs. Affordable Housing
Aden Barnes via Zoom on Penny for Pinellas Money Used for Affordable Housing; Term Limits; Voting Integrity

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